Why Choose Cebu Consulting

Lower Cost of Labor

Lower Cost of Labor

Labor Arbitrage

Hire skilled employees at a fraction of the cost.
Use modern tools to integrate offshore employees.
Interview and select candidates for your business!

Modern Tools

Utilize Modern Software Tools

Utilize Modern Software Tools

From Sales Engagement Platforms to automated
time tracking and invoicing. Build capacity in your
business by leveraging modern SaaS tools.

Scale Confidently

Scale Confidently

Scale Confidently

Grow your inbound sales or operations department
confidently. As you grow, allocate your capital
more efficiently, by using us for your back-office.

About Cebu Consulting

Created in 2017, we discovered that the old Business Process Outsourcing model had become stale. 

Major companies in the industry are still relying on the "labor is cheaper is our main advantage" model. The industry is quickly shifting to the Process Automation Centers of Excellence model - that's where we come in. 

Labor cost in traditionally low-cost countries are increasing, forcing traditional BPOs to pass this cost onto the customer. Instead, BPOs need to focus on increasing efficiency and automation.

At Cebu Consulting we use modern SaaS software to complement our lower cost FTE model. 

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Business / Sales Development

Use your consultants to schedule meetings, and
empower your sales team to close warm leads.

Virtual Assistant / Operations

Utilize your high-skilled employee to fill a
missing gap in your growing organization.

Have another idea?

Our consultants are college educated, fluent
in English, and have years of BPO experience.

We have 25 years of experience

We are the leading provider of client solutions with over 10 years of experience helping businesses to findcomprehensive solutions and high growth for your business.

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Expert Consultants
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