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How Our Consultants Support End-to-End Processes

Phase 1 - SDR/BDR Prospecting

Generate Inbound Leads - Generate Sales Pipeline


Your team recently received funding, or are ready to significantly increase your pipeline. You are currently in the growth phase, and want to create a pipeline in the most cost-efficient manner. 

Utilize our on-demand SDR/BDRs who are skilled at outbound prospecting. You can controll everything from the messaging going out to your prospects to the appropriate targetting. What we do on our end is select the appropriate Consultant for our project. Our advantage here is not only a more cost-efficient employee, but an expert who uses today's Sales Engagement Platform essentailly arming them with the production of 2-3 SDRs. 

Benefits: CebuConsulting Purchases the seat license for the Sales Enablement Platform + No long term commitment vs. hiring an SDR inhouse or onshore.  

Phase 1 - SDR/BDR Prospecting

Phase 2 - Hire a Marketing Expert

Need Full Time Marketing Support?


You've hired a CebuConsulting BDR/SDR to generate leads for you, and want to make sure you have a pre-sales team in place to continue to generate leads and respond to social media inquiries?

Hire one of our expert consultants to support email campaigns, manage your social media channels, and create copy/content to send out to your target market. Again, we utilize the best marketing platforms available, and purchase necessary licenses so you don't have to worry about purchases software that may eventually become shelfware. 

Benefits: Did we mention the cost benefit before? We'll mention it again, our marketing experts are able to produce similar if not better quality work for a fraction of the price. In addition, we can support your marketing needs 24/7/365. If someone sends you a question on a channel at 1AM PST - We can make sure it's answered within the hour. 

Phase 3 - Streamline Operations

Day-to-Day Operations have you doing busy work?


Your company is starting to generate leads, and inquiries are continuing to increase. Suddenly you and your co-founders find yourself caught up in time-consuming administrative work. At this stage in your business it becomes increasingly difficult to work on your business vs. working in your business. 

You've already hired our consultants to optimize your prospecting, and manage your marketing channels. You may now have data management issues in your CRM, emails that you can't keep up with, and general clean-up that you are not able to get around to. Hire one of our consultants full time for these types of tasks. 

Benefits: You have the ability to hire consultants on-demand, meaning that if you have a quarter where you know you will have more than enough work to do, you can hire our consultants. You will have full access to utilize him/her based on your business needs. 

Phase 3 - Streamline Operations

Cebu Consulting will work with you to determine the support your business needs.